6 Mistakes You Should Not Make On Your Blog

I don't know if you know it, but I started like this: with a blog. And the truth is that I love this type of content and it was one of the things that opened so many doors for me in the world of digital marketing. Based on my experiences, learnings and mistakes, I want to teach you today what NOT to do at the level of writing, style and SEO of a blog.

I started with Aimagnus, then the OrigaZoom born , then we decided to create PathThatFits and obviously a blog specialized in this topic. The last one was the Hncosmetic , which has also been a hit on Instagram. So I consider that I have enough wood to extend myself to speak 😂 but don't worry, I'll get straight to the point.

What you should not do on a blog if you want to position yourself in 2021!

6 Mistakes You Should Not Make On Your Blog

1- Worry about quantity and not quality

Yes, frequency is important. But it is useless to post three times a week and say nothing. I know that we must be quick and always try to keep up with trends and what the competition is doing, but if you only focus on that, you will not dedicate yourself to writing something of value.

The best thing is that you take enough time to analyze well about what you are going to write (making sure that the topic goes with the style and subject of the blog), investigate if it is something that may really interest the audience and then collect extremely information good, order it and write it in a way that is very attractive to all who will read it.

2- Forget the storytelling

It does not matter if the topic, for example, is segmentation in Facebook Ads. Although it is a complex and educational topic, you can take advantage of visual narration or storytelling to explain it based on your experience using the platform's advertising system.

Although the digital world is evolving and the way of sharing content as well, many still have the theory of being sober, serious and very formal writing. And there is nothing further from the truth. We must know how to tell stories and we have to take advantage of the opportunity that audiovisual material offers us to do so. The audience engages and understands more easily through it.

3- Write without stopping, without stopping to think!

Look how it happens to me sometimes, I write and write and there is no one to stop me. But it is true, that we must pause and when we stop, make sure that what we are writing makes sense. Because on many occasions, looking at it from the side of being an audience or a reader, we read a title and when checking the paragraphs it was not what we were looking for.

If the title of your blog article is " Step by step to create guides on Instagram ", that in the development of the information find that and not only " what are the Instagram guides ". Consistency will mark the permanence, scope and visibility of your blog. Apply the techniques of copywriting!

I pause to give you good news! 🤩 End the year in the best way, watching the replay of the last webinar of 2020 . Find out what happened this year in digital marketing and what will be the trends in 2021.

4- Do not think about the user experience

As I explained earlier, you always have to put yourself in the reader's shoes. That your links redirect to where they say, that the YouTube videos you select are correct, that the buttons fulfill the functions for which they were designated.

For example, if the button says " download the email marketing strategy ebook ", it should not happen that it sends you to download any other template or resource that has nothing to do with it.

5- Repeat content

Are you out of ideas? Well, start doing activities that stimulate your creativity to get many more. At Convert More we start from the theory of getting many content from a single idea , but it does not mean that we are going to repeat the article, no. You have to learn to turn it around.

If you have already written a blog about " what is TikTok For Business ", later write another article about "strategies you can implement to advertise on TikTok For Business". Come on, let's leave the laziness that there are thousands of ideas to exploit! Don't allow these kinds of blog mistakes.

6- Neglecting SEO and descriptions

"Devansh but you always remind us of this" , and I will continue to do so. If we neglect this, we are left in the nothingness of the web. No one is going to find that article you worked so hard for. SEO is the tool that will help you position yourself better in search engines.

Equally important to descriptions, write attractive copy and get them to click on your articles.

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