10 Ways To Promote Instagram in 2020

 In 2020, only Devansh Pathak from the deepest village did not hear about Instagram. And he is already looking for ways to promote his account with might and main.

Promotion to Instagram” is already cutting the ear, and every second person has already used “gray” methods such as massliking, massfollowing, even masslooking.

- Are there any new ways to promote a page on Instagram? - you ask.

- Yes - our answer will be short.

Now we'll tell you about the current ways to promote instagram in 2020.


1. Positioning and strategy.

It is impossible not to mention this obvious, but such an ignored point.

Key questions for positioning and strategy development:

- Who you are? Company / individual (expert, lifestyle blogger, etc ...).

- What do you sell / offer? The product or service with which you enter the platform.

- Why are you on Instagram? For example: increase brand awareness, increase sales.

When you write down all these answers in detail, then think over the portraits of your Target Audience. Target audience - people who are most likely to buy your product / service. This step will help you better understand what needs to be done - you can focus on the preferences of the target audience.

After we have decided on the target audience, we think over the visual part - how your Instagram will look like. What brand colors or shades you will use when creating photos or processing them. You should definitely focus on this step. If the account is unique, it will be remembered faster. People are mostly visual, i.e. learn and memorize better visually.

Moving on to the content plan strategy. Here's a caveat: you need 2 content plans. For stories and posts. Create interesting headings for each format. Make a plan for when posts / stories should come out and how many per day. Better with a clear plan than trying to do everything haphazardly and rush about. We also consider in detail the methodology for creating a content plan in the online course. The main thing is to understand why and for what you are doing something. If you are writing a post: what will it give a person? Don't do it for show or whatever. Make sense and follow your strategy.

2. Masks for stories.

Masks are an opportunity to attract new subscribers. All you need to do is create a cool, unique mask. The mechanics are simple: you create a mask. A person finds it through friends who have used it or through a library of masks. He subscribes to you to use the mask. More cool masks - more attention to them - more followers you have. After the person has signed, point 1 enters the battle.

3. IGTV.

- Section where you can upload videos over 60 seconds. A section that loves Instagram and which he himself promotes.

- A section not worth forgetting.

- Record useful videos, upload them to IGTV. Do this regularly.

4. Draws of money / prizes with bloggers.

Mechanic: A major blogger publishes a post that mentions your account. Encourages people to participate in the drawing of a cash prize or valuable gift. You provide the winner with this gift. Conditions for participation can be anything: for example, subscribe to you and like the latest publications on your account and on the blogger's own page.

The benefit for the blogger is free large coverage, attention to the account, increased activity on the page.

The benefit to you is a relatively cheap method to draw attention to your account, increase the number of subscribers and increase the activity on the page.

5. Lead magnet for a subscription.

A lead magnet is an easy way to start communicating with a customer who is not yet very interested in what you have to offer. In return for some information from the client - mail, phone number, you provide him with useful information: a checklist, for example. Instead of a phone or mail, you can ask to subscribe.

The benefit for you is the base of potential customers, which can then be used for advertising. Benefit for people - they receive useful information for free, they just need to leave contact information or subscribe to you.

6. Joint live broadcasts.

Organize a joint live broadcast with another blogger. But the topics of your accounts should be similar or related.

Another blogger's audience will be interested in you and vice versa. The advantages of this mechanic are the free flow of a loyal audience.

Before broadcasting, don't forget to prepare a plan for what you will be broadcasting.

7. Marathons.

Team up with one or more bloggers with similar topics. For example, you are a fitness blogger. Find a stretching blogger. Create a marathon for those looking to exercise (at home as an option) and stretch a little.

The advantage of marathons is that they attract a lot of people's attention. Word of mouth works well. And advertising costs can be halved.

8. Mutual PR.

The mechanics are simple: find a blogger with a similar topic. You offer to tell your subscribers about his account, and in return he will tell about yours.

9. Advertising from bloggers.

Order ads in posts and stories from bloggers. The main thing here is to choose the right blogger: no markups and choose a suitable blog topic.

You can manually select a blogger to buy advertising: search for key phrases in the search and study the account for cheating. For example, select several subscriber accounts from a blogger and see the number of subscriptions. If there are more than 500 of them, it is most likely a bot. If there are many such accounts, then the blogger has gained followers. An important indicator is the average number of likes per post. The ratio of the number of likes to subscribers should be about 10%.

Request coverage statistics for the last 24 hours or 7 days. The coverage of 1 person in advertising from a blogger should not cost you more than 30 kopecks.

You can use the reviews of other people who have already ordered ads from bloggers. For example, using chats in Telegram. The largest chat is Instalogia. And, of course, the best method to check a blogger is paid services: Aimagnus.com, or checkout fiverr freelancing services.

10. Targeted advertising.

Official advertising from instagram. Create sponsored posts and stories or promote existing ones. Show ads to people who are in a specific location. Customize their gender and age. Choose their interests. A wide range of settings are available through a Facebook advertising account.

We talked about 10 working ways to promote on Instagram at the moment.

Use these methods wisely and success in your promotion!

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