How Can Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare Can Change The Face Of Cosmetics?

Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare is beginning to interfere everywhere and it is probably only in its infancy. This can be seen in many areas such as transport, health and safety.

More surprisingly, technologies related to Machine Learning have also penetrated the beauty sector and in particular cosmetics.

Artificial Intelligence Infiltrates Cosmetics

Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Cosmetics

On the one hand chatbots delivering ultra-personalized advice and on the other applications that help you choose the right product. At the level of cosmetics it is sometimes enough one of a simple selfie to get the right day cream for your skin.

This breakthrough of artificial intelligence in the field of cosmetics, also allows you to try on an eyeshadow before buying it.

Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare

These offers are beginning to evolve very quickly in the cosmetics industry. The same is true in many industries elsewhere, and this is where big data plays a big role.

Today many consumers are happy to be tempted by the advice of fashion and beauty bloggers, but this day may soon be over. Indeed, artificial intelligence begins to conquer the cosmetics sector by offering applications that allow you to virtually try a product before buying it.

The Technological Turning Point In The Beauty Sector

Thus, technologies related to artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, have infiltrated more widely in the beauty sector in recent years. A trend that is not surprising since cosmetic brands have everything to gain from it. Indeed, according to Marie-Claire Riquier, beauty expert at Superbelles :

More than 80% of the interactions between customers and cosmetic brands, will be managed within 2 years by artificial intelligence.

Beauty Expert At Superbelles

Dior had been a pioneer in the field, offering its customers in 2017, a chatbot with which to interact from Facebook Messenger. Artificial intelligence then asked its potential customers questions in order to better understand their preferences and expectations.

Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare

Since then, many other brands have leapt and applications using artificial intelligence have multiplied. These applications are plural and numerous :
  • Digital concierge,
  • Virtual Tests of cosmetics,
  • Market research to identify target customer expectations,
  • Improving knowledge of competition,
  • Optimization of stocks etc…

Virtual Consultations and Ultra-Personalized Advice

The marriage of artificial intelligence and cosmetics gives rise to many different uses. Virtual cosmetic fitting is one of them. More and more brands are using augmented reality to enable consumers to virtually test products.

This is particularly the case with L'oréal, which recently acquired ModiFace. An augmented reality software, which allows users to benefit from a makeup experience based on this technology. Being able to try a product before buying it, should boost sales meeting a real need.

In the same dynamic, brands like Vichy or Hello Ava offer you a 100% personalized dermatological diagnosis, made with the help of a simple selfie.

The 2 companies then guide you on the products to be preferred according to your skin type. For its part, La Roche Posay has developed the My Skin track UV sensor, which measures the UV exposure and pollution of your skin.

By asking specific questions, the chatbots of these brands make it possible to better understand the preferences of the customer. This allows him to advise products that suit him more. This type of application is developing in the cosmetics sector, but also in the hair care sector.

With its augmented reality application hair Virtual Advisor, L'oreal allows you to try virtually different colors before making your choice.

Integrated Artificial Intelligence, Upstream Of The Creation Process

Thanks to its ultra-personalized approach, artificial intelligence is useful for conducting upstream market research. The purpose of these studies is to better understand the expectations of future clients. AI then acts as a facilitator of choice and helps the consumer to find the most suitable product for their needs.

The Change In Healthcare With Respect To Time

Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare can therefore be used upstream of production. Before manufacturing, in order to develop totally customized products for users. This is in particular the bet of the company function of Beauty, which offers hair care, totally personalized to your needs and constraints.

It all starts with a quiz to identify your hair type. You then choose the color, fragrance and name of your product. All this information is then evaluated by an algorithm, which will identify the best combination of ingredients according to your needs.

Artificial intelligence here reveals its full potential, for consumers in search of the product perfectly suited to their expectations.

Artificial Intelligence And Hair Care

In the same state of mind, the Eponyma brand produces unique and tailor-made beauty creams. As with Function of Beauty, the skin type and user needs are determined using a questionnaire.

The Eponyma team then draws a dermatological profile developed using an algorithm. The result: a 100% personalized bottle adapted to the needs of your skin.

In Conclusion

Whether used upstream or downstream of production, artificial intelligence still has good days ahead of it. Whether in the beauty, cosmetics or fashion in general. Luxury brands, such as Dior, were not mistaken. They understood the usefulness of such interfaces for their customers, but also for their marketing needs.

In addition to providing valuable information about customer expectations and preferences, it is an exceptional tool for virtual fitting. The major ready-to-wear brands should soon follow the trend. We are beginning to see some who test this concept worn in fashion. It remains to fine-tune all the morphological details of consumers to provide the right clothes and to the right sizes.

Artificial intelligence probably has some nice surprises in store for us in the years to come.

We are just beginning!😊

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