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  • Why Hire A Copywriter For Online Stores, Dropshipping and Affiliates?

    In these times, more and more people decide to set up an online store, store with the dropshipping system or affiliate marketing. That is why in this article I will talk about the advantages of hiring a copywriter for online stores, dropshipping and affiliates to write the texts , because it is very important. It's fundamental.

    Copywriter For Online Stores

    Copywriter for online stores, dropshipping and affiliates: advantages

    Creating an online store and not investing in SEO content do not go hand in hand, it is necessary, because if you do not invest in advertising or SEO content ... how are your potential customers going to find you on Google? You need a freelance writer to fill in the descriptions of the products you sell in your online store, dropshipping or affiliates !!

    What are the advantages?

    Saving time: the saying already says "shoemaker to his shoes ...". Many users who set up online stores decide to do the texts themselves, but since they are not professionals in this field, they waste a lot of time and are really doing them badly or not as well as they should be. So by hiring this service from a freelance writer, you will be saving time, you will not have to do it yourself!

    SEO approach: in the event that you do not have SEO knowledge, the best thing you can do is directly delegate the task to an SEO writer, because he will know how to focus it so that you can position yourself in the search engines and sell.

    Professionalism: a writer who is specialized in writing for blog or texts for web and online stores, will be able to help you and give you a vision of the future, so you will also be buying professionalism, guaranteeing that the contracted texts will be very good and that you will be able to use them to position.

    More probability of success: it is clear that if you leave this task in the hands of a writer, the probability of success is greater than if you did the texts without having knowledge. So if you want it to work and for your online, dropshipping or affiliate marketing store to succeed, it is important to invest money.

    My advice? That you invest in good hosting so that the store can go fast, that you have it well optimized, that you invest in advertising, SEO texts and also link building. Everything helps so that little by little you become visible and start having your first sales.

    If you are looking for a freelance writer to write your online store texts, remember that I can help you. Just write me at Contact@AIMagnus.com or send me a message through the web form.

    Ask me without obligation!
  • Freelance Writer Vs Agency: Who To Choose?

    When hiring SEO content for your website or blog, you are probably wondering if it is better to use a freelance writer or a content marketing agency. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each one? Find out!

    Freelance Writer Vs Agency

    Freelance writer vs agency: advantages and disadvantages

    Before being a freelance writer, I worked in a company doing content. Obviously, like everything, each thing has its pros and cons. If you need texts for your website, online store or blog, you may be a bit lost and don't know which professional is better. Do you want to discover which one suits you best? Let's see:

    Advantages of the freelance writer

    You talk to the person who writes you the texts: companies can outsource the work to other writers, whether internal or external. So, you don't talk to the person who texts you face to face. In this case, yes, it is managed by the entire writer herself.

    Lower prices: Typically, freelance writers offer a much cheaper prices than content marketing agencies, since they are directly they who do the service. The agency tends to outsource it and take a percentage, which in many cases is at least double.

    No upfront charge (generally): Most SEO copywriters tend to be flexible and offer their clients the ability to pay later, when they receive texts.

    Your personal brand is at stake: if a company goes bad, the name is changed and that's it, but if the name of a freelance writer gets tainted because he works badly, he doesn't recover. Therefore, they tend to offer a better job, to support their own personal brand at all times.


    Availability: If the freelance writer is very saturated, they may not be able to accept your assignment and you need to find another professional.

    They may not be able to write about all kinds of topics: depending on your specialty, you may or may not be able to write it and have to find another expert.

    Emergencies: you may have a serious setback or urgency and temporarily run out of content - the company can surely put another writer to do it.

    Advantages of the content agency

    Increased work capacity: Agencies can hire or subcontract different writers to cover the realization of more content.

    Faster deliveries: having several writers have a greater availability to deal with the orders and deliver them earlier.

    All types of content: being larger they can have more writers to make more different types of content and of all themes.


    Advance payment: they usually require payment in advance to ensure that they will collect.

    They often outsource the service: In many cases, they outsource the work to freelance writers and resell it for more money. So the client can find the same job at half price by going directly to the writer.

    These are in my opinion, the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a freelance writer vs a content agency. Obviously, each professional is different and may not be the same for all cases, but in general terms, it is quite similar to the current market situation. What do you think?

    Remember that if you are looking for a writer, We can help you.
  • How To Do A Copywriting Audit

    I've had this article half-done for a long time I was not planning to publish it this week, but a subscriber message has encouraged me to do so.

    What I'm going to tell you will be useful if you find yourself in either of these two situations: 

    1. The texts of your business (web, emails, presentations ...) are not giving the result you expected and you want to know where you have to look to find opportunities for improvement.

    2. You are a copywriter and you offer (or want to offer) auditing services to your clients. Sometimes a client does not want tailor-made writing services, they just want you to show them the way forward to improve their texts.

    Copywriting Audit

    If you are not in either of these two groups, you can continue with what you were doing. I'm not going to be offended.

    What the hell, I'm going to be offended, it took me a long time to write it. ;)

    Before starting

    The first thing you need to do a proper audit is to know the context. Both the business and the text in particular.

    I already advance you that the list of things to consider is long, but do not panic. In many cases, a single sentence is enough to have the key information.

    I personally like to collect this information in blocks.


    - Business trajectory
    - Business model
    - Desired positioning
    - Target audiences
    - Brand values, personality and tone of voice


    - Value proposition and differential elements
    - Main features


    - Role of the piece within the marketing strategy

    - Main objective of the piece

    - Origin of traffic if it is a website / Characteristics of the mailing list if it is email marketing / Channel through which the piece is delivered if it is offline / ...

    - Current results: conversion, retention, loyalty...


    - Main competitors

    A tip about this preliminary phase: create a “master” form with questions to help you obtain this information from the customer.

    Every time you do an audit, take this document as a starting point and make small modifications to adapt it to the specific case.

    For example, if it is a subscription-based business, the results part would include a question to find out what is the most profitable subscription plan for the business. 

    If you are doing an audit for your own company, simply use this list as a guideline to gather the most relevant information. It is very useful for clarifying ideas and gaining focus.

    If you are not able to collect this information, I am afraid that is the first problem you should solve.

    What should we analyze

    Okay, we already have a panoramic view of the business and the piece to be analyzed. Now it's time to review the texts thoroughly, always taking that context into account as a reference.

    What should we analyze exactly? 

    I usually analyze texts from these 3 perspectives:


    To begin, we must ask ourselves if the piece is built from a powerful idea or concept and if that idea conveys the right message. Is it consistent with the marketing strategy and objective? 

    An original idea that doesn't communicate the right message is a bad idea.


    We must ensure that the text has the necessary elements to favor the achievement of the objective: clarity of the message, use of benefits, concrete language, call to action ...

    And of course, we must look at one of my favorite ingredients: the tone of voice. Is it suitable for the brand personality you want to convey?


    In this third review we will look for inaccuracies, redundancies, grammatical errors and lexical poverty.

    These are aspects that damage the credibility of the text and are often overlooked. 

    Looking at the first two points, the importance of asking the right questions before starting the audit is pretty clear. You cannot know if the benefits are well chosen unless you know the differential characteristics of the offer. For example.

    If you are a student of the beta edition of the copywriting course , these 3 perspectives will be familiar to you because they are the ones we use in the editing process.

    Oh surprise. The same criteria that serve to edit your texts, serve to audit the texts of others. :)

    Review module 7 because there you have all the keys.

    While you analyze each of these 3 dimensions, I recommend that you take screenshots or photos of the piece. You can then include this material in the document that you will deliver to the client to illustrate your conclusions with specific references.

    In addition, I usually have a draft document where I write down key ideas that I will later include in the final presentation.

    Let's talk about that presentation.

    How to structure your audit document

    I like to divide my presentation into two parts.

    In the first block I present the general conclusions and recommendations. I do it this way for three reasons: 

    1. Because there are observations that do not affect a specific part of the text, but the general approach. For example, everything related to the concept or idea that supports the piece.

    2. Because there are aspects that affect the structure of the piece or are transversal. For example, comments on a call to action that is repeated throughout a web.

    3. Because sometimes there are errors or inconsistencies that are repeated repeatedly in the piece. For example, when all texts are imprecise. 

    In the second part of the document I present specific conclusions for each of the parts of the piece. If it's a website, I do it page by page. If it is a sequence of emails I do it email by email. If it's a printed piece, I do it section by section. 

    Sometimes the customer wants you to pay attention to a particular aspect. For example, the microcopy. In this case, I add an extra section in my presentation.

    How far should we go with our recommendations?

    When you do an audit for a client, a question always arises: how deep should we go?

    I do the following:

    Each conclusion that I include in the document is accompanied by a brief explanation of the reasons for my statements and recommendations to solve the problem that has been detected.

    Oh, and I don't just include the errors. 

    If something is right and I think it can serve as a reference to improve other parts of the text, I usually include it in the audit. Nor is it a matter of being all the time slapping the client.

    I almost always supplement my explanations with screenshots or photographs.

    I give you some examples of the type of recommendations that I usually include in the document:

    - Possible approaches for a title that doesn't work
    - Structure proposals
    - Message order changes
    - Remove or add elements (eg Add a CTA at a specific point in the piece)
    - Formatting changes (eg. Converting a paragraph into a bullet list)
    - Examples that can serve as inspiration
    - Style tips

    For your audit to be valuable, it must be "actionable." The person reading your document should know exactly what the next steps are. You have to be able to pick up the baton and improve your texts without much additional explanation.

    It is not enough to say that something is wrong. You also have to say why it is wrong, what are the best practices and possible avenues to explore.

    Well, that's how I approach audits. I hope it helps you to establish your own method.

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